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14 articles for “Live Polls

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  • Android,
  • Flask,
  • Kotlin

Build an Android poll app with push notifications

Build an Android app in Kotlin, with a backend in Python. Users are able to vote, and see other votes displayed in realt...

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  • Angular,
  • Cordova

Build a live voting app with Ionic

Build a live voting app using Ionic, with a Node backend. The app replicates the behaviour of a Twitter poll: users can ...

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  • Data Visualization

Build a live polling web app with Python

Build a live voting application using Flask. Users will be able to vote for their favorite programming language. Results...

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  • Angular,
  • JavaScript

Build a live poll app with Ionic

Use Ionic to create a live poll application for mobile. The app features a Node.js backend. It allows users to vote on t...

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  • Ember.js,
  • JavaScript

Build a voting system with Ember.js

Build a polling app using Ember.js and Node.js. Users will be able to vote for which football team has the best supporte...

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  • Go,
  • JavaScript,
  • Live Polls

Build a voting application with Go and Vue.js

Build a polling app using Echo, the Go framework, Vue.js and SQLite. Users are able to vote on their favorite JavaScript...

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  • Data Visualization

Build a polling app with Ruby on Rails and PostgreSQL

Build a web app with Ruby on Rails, featuring a live poll and chart. User responses are communicated instantly, with the...

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  • JavaScript,
  • Realtime Chart

Build a polling web app with Next.js

Build a voting webapp using Next.js. Users can vote for their favorite pet, and the results are displayed in realtime on...

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  • Angular,
  • Data Visualization

Build a data visualization using Angular and Chart.js

Build a live poll of user ages, with Angular, Node, Express and Chart.js.

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