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Each month, we deliver over 110 billion messages to more than 5.4 billion devices through our API.

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Real-time features made easy.

Stop reinventing the wheel. Add interactive and engaging features to your apps with APIs, libraries and developer tools in a matter of minutes, not weeks.

“We went with Pusher because it is so simple and solid. Pusher just works.”

- Gaug.es

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110 billion monthly messages without breaking a sweat.

With our years of expertise, we have built infrastructure that delivers messages in less than 200ms, handles millions of concurrent connections and sends over a billion messages every day.

“Build. Deploy. Scale. Pusher brings them together in an experience built and designed for developers.”

- Larry Marburger, CloudApp

Build amazing apps.

Let your imagination run wild. With our powerful and flexible set of APIs, you can easily build great, scalable features and apps, from live dashboards to 2nd screen apps and everything in between.

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Works Everywhere

At the core of Pusher is the HTML5 WebSocket protocol, but we also have fallback mechanisms so that Pusher just works anywhere, anytime.

We have 30+ libraries that you can use.

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Pusher - a company that has been instrumental in the success of QuizUp and we consider one of our greatest partners since day one.

- Johann, Quizup


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