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How to create a real-time donation thermometer with HTML/CSS/JS

Donation Thermometers are used at a lot of charity events. We've seen them during Comic Relief and Children in Need so let's see how we could build a realtime charity thermometer widget which could be used on any charity event website. This tutorial uses a combination of progressively enhanced HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP.

Languages: PHP, JavaScript Read How-to

Adding realtime stock levels to an e-commerce application

Adding realtime functionality to applications has often seemed difficult due to the connection limitations web servers but it can actually be achieved fairly easily by offloading this component to third party services like Pusher. In this tutorial you'll be shown how to build a simple e-commerce application that displays realtime stock levels to the customers.

Languages: ASP.NET, JavaScript Read How-to

Building a "Who's Shopping?" realtime widget

This tutorial shows how to build a "Who's shopping?" widget which can show other users who is browsing the same product as them and that interest in the product they are viewing is high.

Languages: ASP.NET, JavaScript Read How-to

Make backbone.js realtime with Pusher

There are a number of frameworks developed that allow you to add extra structure to your code when building rich javascript-heavy applications. These frameworks often achieve this structure by adding in layers of Models, Controllers, Views, and Events, most of the time performing synchronisation between the client and server using AJAX. Backbone.js is such a library and this blog post shows how it can be used with Pusher automatically synchronise your client and server state.

Languages: Ruby on Rails, JavaScript Read How-to