WebSockets with Pusher

Pusher Channels is a hosted WebSockets solution for building powerful realtime interactive apps. We’ve solved complex realtime infrastructure so you don’t have to. Whether you have 5 concurrent connections or 1 million, our infrastructure scales with you.

Why should you use WebSockets with Pusher?

Bi-directional data exchange/transfer

By transmitting data in both directions simultaneously through a single connection, you can greatly reduce unnecessary network traffic and delay

Traverse firewalls and proxies with ease

Power through proxies and firewalls, supporting simultaneous two-way upstream and downstream communication

Backwards compatible with HTTP connections

Compatibility with earlier versions of HTTP connection meaning you can switch between HTTP and WebSocket connections as required

Publish/Subscribe event pattern

Channels allows you to send messages to and from a server and receive event-driven responses without continuously polling the server, resulting in a highly efficient data transfer model

What are WebSockets?
WebSockets have represented a long awaited evolution in client/server web technology. They allow a long-held single TCP socket connection to be established between the client and server, enabling bi-directional, full duplex messages to be instantly distributed with little overhead, resulting in a highly efficient, very low latency connection.

What can you build?


From group chat to private realtime messaging, build complex features like ephemeral chat, encrypted messages, online presence and typing indicators for supercharged engagement


Continuously stream data in realtime on your user interface, from sophisticated dashboards to single in-app charts and graphs which dynamically visualize complex information for easy data management and reporting


Create engaging interactive tools for remote working, e-learning and other virtual workspaces. Give visibility on knowledge-work with realtime comment feeds or live text collaboration for multiple users on one document


Synchronize game state between players by leveraging our low-latency network to build multiplayer game sync, enabling seamless experiences across multiple devices, and add interactive features to your apps for immersive and connected gaming

Realtime Maps

Build routing, navigation and dynamic location apps to keep users up to date with live geolocation data on what is happening around them. Display the moving location of any asset on a live map or even create geofences to trigger alerts

Live results

Enhance your platform and keep users up to date by displaying the live status of anything, including match scores, odds updates, election results and polls.

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Simple to get started

Integrate Pusher Channels in your app quickly and securely with any of our 40+ SDKs. Our library of over 200 tutorials and first class documentation will help you get up and running with WebSockets today.


pusher->trigger('my-channel', 'my-event', [

'message' => 'hello world'


pusher->trigger('my-channel', 'my-event', [

'message' => 'hello world'



var channel = pusher.subscribe('my-channel');

channel.bind('my-event', function(data) {

alert('Received my-event with message: ' + data.message);


var channel = pusher.subscribe('my-channel');

channel.bind('my-event', function(data) {

alert('Received my-event with message: ' + data.message);


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