Powerful features made easy

Our world-class messaging infrastructure can handle anything you can throw at it. The best feedback from our customers: it just works.

  • Immediately scale to billions of messages
  • Industry-leading uptime
  • Flexible and versatile API
  • SDKs and libraries for every language

Channels was built to quickly and simply solve real-world problems at scale. We’ve got everything you need to create realtime experiences your users will love, starting today.

Managed websocket connections

Ultra-low latency connections from 1 to millions with automatic fallback means Channels works anywhere

Flexible and intuitive Pub/Sub messaging

We deliver billions of messages every month across browsers, mobile and IoT with our event-based API

Presence channels

Simple-to use presence channels for user lists, collaboration, and more

Queryable API

Easily query application state, channel information, presence users and much more


Capture and respond to client events as they happen and use data to take user interaction to the next level

End-to-end encryption

Keep information secure with our encryption and authenticity features. Pusher is GDPR and HIPAA compliant

“We need to focus on our features and app and not on plumbing and operations for a unique component in our stack. So we turned to Pusher—the experts—and it worked out great.”

Chris Brookins

CTO, Help Scout

Client events

Trigger client-side distributed events safely and securely

Reporting integrations

Integrate seamlessly with the Librato and Datadog performance monitoring services

Robust access control

Take advantage of secure mechanisms for access control that integrate with your authentication strategies

Debug tools

Our debug control gives you a live view of application activity to help you quickly identify errors

Over 40 libraries and SDKS. Haskell fan? Doing IoT with Arduino? Building for iOS or Android? PHP user? We have libraries for just about every major language and platform.