Announcing new packages for exceptional tech support on Pusher Channels


Our new support plans offer additional contact mechanisms, onboarding and assistance from solutions engineers to help you make the best of Pusher Channels.


As a Software as a Service company, one of the most vital resources we provide to help you succeed is customer support.

Unlike some traditional business models, where a customer purchases a product and (all being satisfactory) the transaction ends, purchase of a subscription-style SaaS like Pusher represents the beginning of a different kind of relationship. Throughout your build, maintenance and scaling of Pusher powered apps, and as our products evolve, our expert support team is your primary contact when you run into issues, have questions about your plan or need advice on new features. They’re also working hard behind the scenes to make sure all of our docs and articles are kept up to date with the newest and highest quality information so you have the best resources available to you online.

It’s really important to us to continue to adapt and grow not only all of the support channels we offer for you, but how we structure that offering too. Until now, the benefits offered by the Pusher support team were not fully defined on our website, leaving room for confusion on your end, and few public targets which could motivate us to reach past our goals.

All Channels customers are currently subscribed to one of three support packages: Limited, Standard and Premium, which are designed to give you the best level of support at every stage of growth. We’ve been looking at how we can bring more to our support packages, and are happy to announce some new options and features.

New Enterprise and Priority options

We know that as your products and your user base grows, sometimes you need something a little out of the box. We’ve launched two new paid support packages which offer additional contact mechanisms, onboarding and assistance.

The Enterprise package offers a first class target response time of just 1 hour during US and UK business hours, as well as Slack support and Customer Success Assistance. Enterprise Support plan customers will get one-to-one access to our expert support team for onboarding, troubleshooting assistance and implementation reviews. Dedicated advisers will also undertake checks to ensure your Pusher plan is being used at full value.

The top tier Priority package offers all of this, as well as 24/7 and phone support. You will also have access to scheduled solution reviews from Pusher’s experienced Solutions Engineers to assist with your realtime architectural and feature decisions. Priority customers can also choose to purchase pre-defined periods of cover for enhanced levels of support during key high-traffic events at a reduced cost to the full 24/7 support option.

Say goodbye to “Standard” support for Business customers

As of today, all customers on our Business plan for Channels have been automatically upgraded to the Premium support package. The Business plan represents the first major jump on your growth journey, so we have extended Premium support to cover you.

Transparent features

You can now visit our support packages to see full details of the features and benefits of each of our support packages, so before signing up to begin using Channels, or when you are ready to grow out of your package, you’ll be able to check which benefits are available to you, and understand how you can get in touch with our team to make the best use of our expertise.

We’ve also set public goals for ourselves to uphold, which is as important to us as it is to you. We want to be known for providing the best level of support at every stage of growth, and living up to your needs and expectations when it comes to building with Pusher.

Check out our guide on the pricing page, or get in touch if you’re interested in discussing our new plans.