What you can build with Channels

Today's users expect realtime experiences, without clicking or pulling to refresh. From a customer support chat app to sports live comments or realtime mapping, Channels empowers all developers to create impressive realtime features at scale without worrying about infrastructure.

Realtime features

Most popular use cases

Discover how more than 250K developers use Channels to build better products.

Collaboration and social features Social & Collaboration

With Channels, it’s easy to create activity feeds that update in realtime for your new social network, live comments and interactions for a sports event or a poll that updates the results in realtime.

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Chat apps Chat

From group chat to private realtime messaging, Channels helps you to build complex features like ephemeral chat, encrypted messages, online presence or typing indicators.

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Realtime Location features Location

Using realtime technologies you can display the moving location of your food delivery service, sharing your dynamic geolocation with a friend or even create geofence that trigger alerts.

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Realtime AR/VR features AR/VR/Gaming

Enabling multi-user interactions into your product with realtime updates can provide a realistic feeling to your users.

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Realtime Trading Realtime Trading

Display trades and data visualizations in realtime for your trading platform using Channels and allows traders to execute as fast as the opportunities present themselves.

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