Getting Started

Before you start using the API you need to include the Pusher JavaScript library. We host this on a blazing-fast CDN so you can quickly get up and running.
<script src="//js.pusher.com/2.2/pusher.min.js"></script>

Subscribe to the Realtime Product Hunt API

Subscribing to the Realtime Product Hunt API is a simple 2-step process — open a connection to Pusher using the free API key, then subscribe to the Realtime Product Hunt channel. Nothing more!
/// Open a Pusher connection to the Realtime Product Hunt API
var pusher = new Pusher("7c1db8905b12d9aa6a03");
var phChannel = pusher.subscribe("ph-posts");

Listen for new posts

Once you've subscribed to the Realtime Product Hunt channel you can receive new posts in a simple JSON format using an event listener.
  • The Pusher application key is 7c1db8905b12d9aa6a03
  • The Product Hunt Pusher channel is ph-posts
// Listen for new posts
phChannel.bind("new-post", function(post) {
  // Output post to the browser console

You are done, it's that easy!

You're now receiving every single Product Hunt post as soon as they happen. What could you do with this data? The positibilities are endless!
  • Track keywords and notify yourself or others when a new post contains them.
  • Get detailed information about the author of each post.
  • Display posts in new and exciting ways.