We are Pusher

Our mission is to make complex things simple.

Be Expansive

Value a big impact over a cost-saving. Hunt the big wins and low hanging fruit. Look for leverage. Avoid optimising for a local maximum. Think bigger.

Be Open

Share ideas, accept criticism, and be open to new perspectives. Be clear about what you're doing and demand clarity from others. Understand that we all have the same goals.

Delight Your Customers

Our customers place a lot of trust in us. Honour that trust. Go the extra mile to create a fantastic experience. View your colleagues as customers and treat them the same.

Constantly Look to Improve

Embrace the philosophy of Kaizen. Never be satisfied. Always try to make things better. Hunt the big wins that involve a small amount of energy.

Be Curious

Ask questions. Make learning a priority. Look for better ways to do things. Question the status quo. Try to understand more than you need to.

Be Responsible

Don't seek instructions. Work within our values to move towards the longer term goals. Take ownership of things and live up to that responsibility. Do what you say you'll do.

Small Team. Big Impact.

Mike Pye Lead Engineer
Sylvain Giuliani COO
Ben Pope Senior Engineer
Jess Meyer Customer Success Manager
Hugo Vieira Graduate Engineer
Phil Taprogge Engineer
David Biggs CFO
Madalina Grigorie Communications Manager
Jonathan Lloyd Engineer
Mina Gyimah Engineer
Rizo Senior Engineer
Adrien Nhem Account Executive
Kolia Guiguet Customer Success
Aaron Rank Data Engineer
Mark Gould Customer Success Manager
Loïc Dumas Customer Success
Luís Fonseca Engineer
Matt Collier Customer Success
Pawel Ledwoń Technical Lead Engineer
Hamilton Chapman Engineer
Jordan Quigley-Jones Product Manager
Alexandru Topliceanu Engineer
Will Sewell Engineer
Nick Thorne Product Manager
Alexandra Humphreys Office Manager
Kevin Norman Graduate Engineer
Joel Speed Cloud Infrastructure Engineer
Callum Oakley Engineer
Desi De Martiis Growth Marketing Manager
Emily Green Engineer
Craig Frost Designer
Cucas Co-Top-Dog
José Maria da Cunha Growth Marketing Manager
Vivan Kumar Engineer
Lemon aka The Hot Dog Co-Top-Dog
Ru Davis Office Assistant
Alex Booker Product Manager
Haukur Páll Hallvarðsson Engineer
Zan Markan Senior Engineer
Max Williams CEO
Karel Moravec Engineer
Sam Stagg VP of Engineering
Adam Cavanagh VP Sales
Tom Pyle Head of Talent
James Lees Engineer
Ruan Odendaal Full Stack Developer
Charlie Cochrane Engineer
Jim Fisher Engineer
James Younespour Financial Controller
Sam Yallop Graduate Engineer
Luka Bratos Engineer
Mathias Söderberg Cloud Infrastructure Engineer

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The Pusher Culture

We provide cloud-based functionality that stops people from reinventing the wheel so they can make a bigger impact.





200k +



Slack Msgs Per Day


Mario Kart Games Per Day


Apps On Your Phone Using Pusher

How We Work

Foster core values

Autonomy and collaboration.Everyone is responsible for moving things forward however they can.

We try to delight our customers

The ones who pay us money, or our colleagues for whom we build awesome tools.

We balance curiosity and pragmatism

We care about how things are done.

We shape our own destiny.

We have supportive investors rather than a demanding board.

We aim for commercial metrics.

Because we know that revenue and profit allow us to be a greater force for good.

Our Kanban approach.

We focus on a sustainable flow of productivity and avoidance of blockages and waste.

Pusher are really flexible with working hours. It's more about getting the job done rather than turning up 9 to 5.

- Lauren Plews Lead Designer

Based in the heart of London

Pusher HQ is located in the busy and trendy Shoreditch area, at the heart and soul of London’s tech community.

Are you the person we're looking for?


Passionate about new technology

We are tech leaders and push the boundaries of what's possible.


Curious about the world

Always be striving to learn new things and question everything.


Can take responsibility

Be reliable and be someone we can rely on.


Have strong opinions, loosely held.

We are honest and respectful of others, we work as a team. Everyone's voice matters.

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