The connected social web is about realtime interaction.

The web is becoming more social, and users expect to be able to interact with each other.
Whether you are working on a campaign for a brand, looking to engage with sports fans, or building a dating site, Pusher allows you to show your users the activity of their peers and create an environment where they want to stick around.

Even applications that are not built around social interaction nevertheless add features that enable discussion and collaboration out of an interest in expanding their user bases—a trend that is projected to continue in the coming years.

The Pusher advantage

  • No infrastructure to maintain
  • Massively scalable platform
  • Universal device compatibility
  • Libraries in tons of languages

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Chat & user messaging

Easily build chat and communication systems into your application. From Group chat to private realtime messaging, Pusher make it easy for users to interact with each other.

  • Make it easy for your users to interact with each other
  • Increase the time your users spend on your website
  • Build an engaged community


The innovative team behind Busuu, an online social platform for learning languages, implements Pusher to enhance experience for millions of users by adding interactivity via realtime chat. The social aspect of learning differentiates Busuu as a solution for learning new languages. By adding a realitme chat feature, were able to engage more customers, make them return and even introduce the platform to their friends.

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Activity streams

Realtime activity streams are the simpliest way to improve the engagement inside your application and increase your app's retention rates.

  • Improve user experience
  • Aggregate information in realtime
  • Make your application feel alive


An online teaching and learning platform, AskOwls, use Pusher to improve their user experience by adding realtime communication attributes. The presence channel functionality makes it possible for teachers to see who’s online, so they can begin the class. The chat channel then allows teachers to provide assistance to students exactly when they need it. Realtime interaction provides a sense of support and credibility, and improves the overall experience of online learning for AskOwls users.

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Team communications

Pusher makes communication across teams or a group of users a breeze. Whether it's through notifications, activity streams or realtime messaging, the users will be kept in sync.

  • Add realtime interaction
  • Improve collaborative processes
  • Minimise on resources required for the top-level user experience


Sprintly is an application that enables teams to work collaboratively on software development projects. The team uses Pusher to add a realtime dimension to the collaborative process. The new functionality powered by Pusher helps teams to keep everyone on track, reducing the problems caused by miscommunication and unawareness to the minimum.

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