The way web applications work is changing.

Welcome to the next generation of realtime web applications, powered by Pusher's scalable messaging platform.
Some of the most advanced SaaS providers in the world use Pusher to power slick, high-performance mobile and desk applications featuring pivotal realtime components.

Making completely live seemed like a great challenge and a really useful feature.. We went with Pusher because it is so simple and solid. In only a few hours we had updating live, and most of that time was working through issues in our app. Pusher just works.

The Pusher advantage

  • No infrastructure to maintain
  • Massively scalable platform
  • Universal device compatibility
  • Libraries in tons of languages

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Build collaboration into your web app by using Pusher to synchronize content updates in realtime.

Using Pusher, application developers can now synchronize changes between users. This is especially powerful in business applications where users rely on the latest information. Continuous access to the most recent data eliminates the need for locking and dramatically reduces editing conflicts.

  • Instantly synchronize user actions
  • Enable collaborative editing
  • Ensure that users never see a page with old data, an innovative collaboration suite that enables creative teams to work better together, use Pusher to power realtime collaboration. By providing this feature, have significantly improved customer experience by giving them an opportunity to follow each others’ work and contribution in realtime, as well as discuss ideas and make changes together, collaboratively.


Live dashboards & reporting

Transform your dashboards and reporting systems, which are key to any business application.

  • Bring your dashboards to life
  • Enable access to the latest data
  • Improve user engagement through dynamic reports is a fast and reliable analytics service that allows its users to collect and analyse the web traffic for all their sites in realtime. The infrastructure provided by Pusher makes it possible to publish information that comes in without any delays. users don’t even need to refresh the dashboard - it updates continuously.


In-app notifications

Push notifications are essential to notify a user to open your app, and you can use our Push Notification system to deliver them. Once the app is open, you can use Pusher's WebSocket system to deliver realtime messages to it.

  • Keep your users up-to-date with notifications
  • Increase user engagement
  • Improve retention rates


UserVoice integrates easy-to-use feedback, helpdesk, and knowledge base management tools in one platform, while using Pusher to enhance their users’ experience through live updates. Instantly being informed of a new support ticket means that the user can act right away. This leads to a better experience for the customer who has raised the ticket as they can receive a faster answer. Also, seeing realtime feedback of praise from customers (via the kudos notification) keeps support agents engaged with a positive emotional response.

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Using Pusher, information can be instantly synchronized on all running instances of an app. This is especially important for physical manufacturing, where staying aware of the status of orders in the production line is crucial.

  • Enhance efficiency of production
  • Improve labor productivity
  • Ensure that orders are constantly updated and on track

Sticker Mule

Sticker Mule manufactures custom stickers for customers ranging from individuals to large companies. By using Pusher in their manufacturing process, Sticker Mule have improved the efficiency of their sticker production process and allowed for synchronization across all running instances of their custom manufacturing app.

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