Win audiences by delivering stories and comment first.

Be your audience's first choice for trusted live content. Involve your audience with live social participation to keep them returning again and again.
Build a news experience that combines both live delivery of your curated content, and that encourages users to get involved through social channels.

Using Pusher at The Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation enabled us to build an engaging realtime stream of breaking news and comment within a matter of weeks.

Øystein Riiser Gundersen,

The Pusher advantage

  • No infrastructure to maintain
  • Massively scalable platform
  • Universal device compatibility
  • Libraries in tons of languages

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Live news

The most significant function of online publishing today is to deliver the latest information and to give an insight into what’s happening right now, in this particular moment.

Replace static content with realtime content.

Pusher helps you to create realtime streaming news destinations where users are encouraged to stick around.

  • Publish breaking stories instantly
  • Update breaking stories (live blogging)
  • Engage audiences by keeping them 100% up-to-date

ITV News

ITV News recently relaunched their website around a “live news stream format”. New stories now appear immediately when published, in a similar way to tweets on Twitter. The result has been a 518% increase in traffic.

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Social news

Create a social destination for your audience to fully participate.

To truly engage with the audience, online publishers should be prepared to give them a chance to build on the content through incorporating relevant information and, of course, expressing views and opinions.

Most importantly, all this should be happening in realtime - or else, the information quickly becomes dated, uninteresting and redundant.

  • Create social buzz
  • Engage audiences to engage in debate

Financial Times

Pusher allows the FT's team of experts provide a realtime commentary of the latest news and comment in the industries. Alongside, registered users can chat in a separate stream.

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