Captivate your audience with memorable live experiences.

Take broadcasting and live events to the next level. Engage your audience with live interaction and immerse them fully in the performance.
An ever-increasing number of entertainment choices compete for your audience's attention. Stand out from the crowd with live content and blended audience participation.

Traditionally live events such as concerts, film and TV shows have been a passive experience for viewers. More recently producers and broadcasters have learned that providing companion content and opportunities for participation result in a much more engaging experience, and build an enthusiastic returning audience.

Using Pusher at The Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation enabled us to build an engaging realtime stream of breaking news and comment within a matter of weeks.

Øystein Riiser Gundersen,

The Pusher advantage

  • No infrastructure to maintain
  • Massively scalable platform
  • Universal device compatibility
  • Libraries in tons of languages

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Second screen

Create a companion experience for your crowd that brings them even closer to the performance.

Audiences consume entertainment often with a tablet or mobile device in hand. Creating a second screen experience for your viewers delivers a richer experience. Encourage comment through social networking, and build an active community of fans. Push pertinent content live, and build a well-informed appreciative audience.

  • Deliver live news and supplementary content
  • Engage users with social networking
  • Fully immerse your viewers in your event


GetGlue is a platform that provides deeply personalized, social and connected experience around television, movies and sports and makes it possible for users to discover content, and engage with fans and brands.

Pusher powers all of the live social notifications on GetGlue desktop and mobile websites. This functionality naturally provides a more responsive, engaging, and social environment and gives users the ability to remain engaged in conversations while browsing other facets of GetGlue.

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Audience participation

Power interactive experiences at scale and truly involve your audience.

Entertainment is no longer a one-way street. Audiences love to get involved by expressing their opinions and taking part in the fun. Use Pusher to create live competitions and quizzes and let your audience test their skills. Invite users to vote en masse and make their voices heard.

  • Realtime polls and voting
  • Interactive quizzes
  • Live Competitions

Who is the Mole?

A Belgian company Small Town Heroes used Pusher to create an interactive game for 'Wie is de Mol?' (Who is the Mole?), a popular TV-show in the Netherlands, where viewers played along trying to solve the Mole mystery. Every TV show continued online with a webcast, which combined interviews, in-depth analysis and data visualisations. Over 300.000 viewers participated.

Live publishing

Pusher can help you to excite your audience and create a real buzz with realtime publishing.

Thomson Reuters

In December 2011 Thomson Reuters organised an expedition to the Antarctica, breaking the world record for the fastest overland journey to the South Pole. The team of three were using a laptop to publish 'dispatches' via the satellite Internet back to the London support team. Thanks to Pusher, when a dispatch was sent, it fired off a siren and video clip on a screen mounted to the wall in London offices. Since the team in London were notified in realtime, the time it took to edit any footage or pictures was minimized, which meant that the followers received the most up-to-date info and felt the excitement of the challenge.

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