Captivate your audience with an experience to remember.

Deliver a truly engaging experience that leaves a lasting impression and that users love to shout about.
From viral campaigns to live installations, from fashion to charity, Pusher serves as a foundation for building powerful and engaging experiences.

Pusher provides a perfect solution for building unforgettable interactive experiences, which will guarantee recognition and appreciation from an audience. Pusher’s technology allow you to build applications that trigger the establishment of brand communities.

The Pusher advantage

  • No infrastructure to maintain
  • Massively scalable platform
  • Universal device compatibility
  • Libraries in tons of languages

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Interactive campaigns

From a charity race to a music festival - realtime experiences will make your campaign stand out.

New technology makes it easier than ever to build participatory experiences. Create enjoyable and memorable experiences for your customers.

  • Make your campaigns dynamic and memorable
  • Let your users participate and share their experiences
  • Stand out from competitors with truly interactive adventures

XL Recordings

XL Recordings, a British independent record label used Pusher to run an eye-catching and memorable campaign to celebrate the release of the new album by Sigur Ros, “Kveikur”.

The project involved a dynamic realtime wall, where music fans could share their feelings in response to the artists’ work by posting photos and videos and simply writing their thoughts down. Pusher's service made it possible to publish all the updates in realtime, making the project appear dynamic and visually outstanding.

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Massive uptake in use of mobile devices provides huge opportunities for engaging with customers wherever they are.

With increasing use of smartphones, and mobile browsing set to overtake desktop browsing in the near future, it’s rapidly becoming vital for every brand to offer their customers an outstanding experience on their mobile devices.

Using Pusher will make your mobile applications interactive, enabling innovative and valuable communication with an audience.

  • Add realtime vibe to your mobile applications
  • Make your apps truly social

Nike Cross - Wieden Kennedy

Global creative agency, Wieden Kennedy, used Pusher to produce a truly engaging and memorable experience for the Nike Cross Nationals (NXN) enthusiasts.

W+K created a bespoke mobile application exclusively for the competition, which allowed the audience to truly connect with the race. By virtue of its realtime functionality, the app made it possible to follow the teams in realtime and engage in live action. The application featured a live leaderboard, which allowed users to follow the runner's statistics in realtime. Moreover, the supporters could exchange their cheerful spirits in a live chat.

Live installations

From a charity race to a music festival - realtime functionality will make your campaign stand out.

Whether you’re after a quirky guerrilla campaign or a different POS experience, Pusher is here to add some spice to your live installations

  • Create eye-catching campaigns that go viral
  • Immerse your audience in innovative brand experiences


Online content provider Break Media and Deeplocal have built on Miracle’s Whip campaign by giving haters a chance either to be converted or at least enjoy beating a piñata, representing the product, via telepresence robotics.

Pusher made it possible for users to play against each other from the comfort of their keyboards, via a digitally controlled robot arm in realtime. The campaign was interactive, social and fun where Pusher made the exciting live experience possible.

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