We scale your real-time infrastructure.

Don't spend weeks on what you can do in minutes.

Small apps and demos
$ 19 / month
100 Max Connections
Unlimited Channels
200,000 Messages / Day
Limited Support
Encryption SSL Protection
Production ready apps
$ 49 / month
500 Max Connections
Unlimited Channels
1 million Messages / Day
Limited Support
Encryption SSL Protection
Apps at scale
$ 199 / month
5,000 Max Connections
Unlimited Channels
10 million Messages / Day
Standard Support
Encryption SSL Protection
Realtime is a core feature
$ 399 / month
10,000 Max Connections
Unlimited Channels
20 million Messages / Day
Standard Support
Encryption SSL Protection
Start with our Sandbox plan which includes 20 max connections, 100k messages per day, unlimited channels, all features and SSL protection.
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All plans include these features

Flexible pub/sub system
A simple, scalable mechanism for your users to subscribe to channels and consume information published by your servers.
Simple event-based paradigm
Every message payload is wrapped in a named event. This makes it simple to build custom behaviours in your UIs.
Access control / authentication
We provide a secure and easy way of controlling which users have access to which channel. It works with what you already have in place in your app.
Presence channels
Presence Channels are an easy way to show in real-time the list of connected users. This makes collaborative apps a cinch.
Debug tools
Our debug console makes testing your application a breeze by displaying a live view of the activity happening in your app.
Client events
A powerful mechanism to distribute events from a client to all other clients on the same channel while also ensuring security for your users.
Pusher comes with webhooks out-of-the-box to easily receive updates about your users activities in your app.
Queryable API
Easily get the state of your connected users, a list of occupied channels or how many people are in them with our REST API.
We maintain libraries in a number of popular languages, and have a host of others that are actively supported by the community.

Join more than 65,000 happy developers.

Frequently Asked Questions
What happens if I exceed the limits on my free plan?
Our API will return an error and additional messages or connections won’t be authorised.
What happens if I exceed the limits on my paid plan?
You will get an email when you are close to the limits of your plan. You are allowed 2 days a month over the limits before we hard limit your plan.
How can I track my usage?
In your dashboard you can track, among other things, the number of open connections and the number of messages per day.
Can I upgrade, downgrade, and cancel any time?
Yes. All you need to do is log in and adjust the plan straight from your account panel.
Do you have SLAs?
We have SLAs for enterprise customers. Contact us for more information.
Do you provide discounts for students or NGOs?
Yes. We review each request on a case-by-case basis. Contact us and let us know about your project.