Software is eating the world.

Come join us at the dinner table.

Making our customers more awesome

We provide cloud-based functionality that stops people from reinventing the wheel so they can make a bigger impact.

We believe 3 main things

  • 1
    That software is a massive force-multiplier that can make people’s lives easier, and more meaningful
  • 2
    That great software developers are more scarce than the number of interesting problems in the world
  • 3
    That too much time is wasted on building the same things in each organisation

How we work

We aim to foster core values of autonomy and collaboration. Everyone is responsible for moving things forward however they can.

We try to delight our customers: the ones who pay us money, or our colleagues for whom we build awesome tools.

We try to balance curiosity and pragmatism and care about how things are done.

We foster small teams of smart people and eschew org charts and hierarchies.

We shape our own destiny. We have supportive investors rather than a demanding board.

We aim for commercial metrics because we know that revenue and profit allow us to be a greater force for good.

Our Kanban approach focuses on a sustainable flow of productivity and avoidance of blockages and waste.

You, at Pusher

We are tackling difficult problems. We believe happy people are creative people and we aim to create a great environment to perform and grow.

Personal growth

We want you to make the most of your journey at Pusher and want to help you grow. Whether you want to attend events, buy books or spend time experimenting with other projects, we'll try and help you out.

Work/life balance

We all have lives outside of work. We hold our time with our family, friends, and hobbies very dearly. We are flexible about working hours as long as the decisions people make are right for themselves and right for the business.

Engineering challenges

We think solving difficult problems is one of the best rewards a job can offer. We've assembled a smart bunch of talented people to work on the right challenges together.

Instant impact

We're a small but growing team and your impact will be immediately felt. Every position is vital at Pusher. We're flexible about responsibilities and allow movement between areas of responsibility.

No risk startup

We're not a vacuous unproven startup, and have already got significant numbers of people paying us money! We have big plans to extend the range of products we offer, and can do this from a profitable foundation.

Greatest city in the world

Pusher HQ is located by in London beside the peaceful Regents Canal. We are a 5 min walk away from the busy and trendy Shoreditch area at the heart and soul of London’s tech community.

Are you the person we are looking for?

  • Passionate about new technology
  • Curious about the world & love to learn
  • Can take responsibility and be depended on
  • Have strong opinions, loosely held
  • Not happy with "just enough"

Current open positions

Don't fit any of the above, but still want to work with us?

No worries. Tell us about your dream job. Introduce yourself and send us a link to something you've done that you’re proud of. If we like what we see, we’ll get in touch with you.

Get in touch with us at