Build engaging features with an API which instantly delivers updates and ensures they’re never missed, correctly ordered, and saved if you need them again.

Feeds is currently in Beta and Free to use. (and we’ll always have a generous free plan)

Instantly update your app and engage your users

Publish JSON to one or many Feeds and your Subscribers will receive your update in real time. Create as many Feeds as you like and add authentication to keep them private.

Your updates will always be in order and never be missed

Our client Libraries will automatically resume subscriptions and synchronise with our DB to check for and replay any missed updates.

Access historic items whenever you need them

Use the client Library to query a feed for previous items from our DB. Paginations makes it easy to choose which items you need.

We <3 developers. We focus on making our products a pleasure to use.

  • Feeds Libraries keep your code simple and make implementing Feeds easy and enjoyable
  • Feeds Docs are clear and we have tutorials and demo’s so getting up to speed is pain free
  • The Feeds service is reliable and built to scale so you’re never left cleaning after issues
  • Our team are always available for a chat if you need a hand with anything


  • JavaScript
  • Android - Kotlin
    previousItems: 10,
    onOpen: ({ next_cursor, remaining }) => console.log(next_cursor, remaining),
    onItem: item => console.log(item)

Publish from server

  • Node.js
    .publish("your_feed_id", {message: "Hello World!"})
    .then(() => console.log("Succesfully published!"))
    .catch((err) => console.log(err));

Write less boring code. Feeds lets you move fast, focus on the unique in your Product and stay ahead.

Activity or Notification Feeds

Activity or Notification Feeds

Whether it’s a ride hailing app, a news site, or a social network, apps are built for people. Feeds enables you to easily give your users personalised activity feeds of interactions in your app.

Activity or Notification Feeds

Realtime charts and maps

Build live visualisations by publishing data points or position coordinates to a feed in realtime and displaying them on a graph or map. Fetch stored items for a time series.

Activity or Notification Feeds

Comment Streams

Create a feed for a document, social post, or piece of media so that users can leave persistent comments in realtime. Use multiple feeds to create comments threads.

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