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Pusher Developer Package

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Thanks for your interest in the Pusher Dev Pack. The package has now ended and the offers are no longer redeemable.

A big thank you to the companies who joining our Dev Pack crew!

Pusher Channels helps devs build scalable in-app notifications, chat, realtime graphs, geo tracking and more in web & mobile apps with our hosted pub/sub messaging API.

Chargebee is a recurring billing and subscription management product used by 7,000+ customers. Chargebee’s plug & play, zero-code solution helps new businesses easily set up billing, while our powerful REST API gives developers the flexibility to create custom workflows.

Instabug helps developers build better apps by providing a reliable bug reporting and in-app feedback SDK. We automatically attach screen recordings, device details, network logs, and repro-steps with each report to help you debug and fix bugs faster.

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