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Facing reliability issues and seeing better value in a maintained realtime messaging platform, Front began using Pusher Channels across its app. As a result, they were able to offer their users demanding collaboration features—including presence, which makes it easy to communicate a user’s status. Now, Front knows that using Pusher means rapid worry-free deployment on reliable infrastructure.

  • 20,000 messages per second and growing
  • 3x faster deployment of mission-critical features
  • Half the cost of a solution built in-house
Team collaboration SAAS
Collaboration & user experience
"Pusher helped us simplify our deployment, taking the hassle out of building WebSockets and helping us set up our realtime infrastructure."

Laurent Perrin

Co-Founder and CTO of FrontApp


GoGuardian helps thousands of K-12 schools maximize the learning potential of every student. One of the ways they do this is by using Pusher Channels to connect students and teachers in engaging and safe learning environments. Faced with rapid growth and in-house infrastructure that was costly to maintain and had problems scaling, GoGuardian turned to Pusher Channels. It took a fraction of the time to get into production while meeting their stringent privacy needs. Best of all, as Director of Engineering Nick Tyler says, "it just works"—scaling seamlessly and automatically to handle GoGuardian’s rapid growth.

  • 8 billion messages sent
  • Over 200,000 messages/second at peak times
  • Over 2 million concurrent connections
Analytics, monitoring, and collaboration
"We deal with student data, which comes with serious privacy requirements. We wouldn’t be able to do what we do without Pusher."

Nick Tyler

Director of Engineering, GoGuardian

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