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Build scalable, realtime features into your apps

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Send push notifications programmatically at scale



Build chat into your app in hours, not days



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The most extensible api to build in-app messaging

Engage your users right where they are, inside your app

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Don’t build it yourself, Build it with Chatkit

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Create an instance

Customize it to your needs within a couple of days.

Integrate into your app

Let us worry about infrastructure and scalability.

Get chatting

Your chat is up and running!

Build the in-app messaging experiences that matter to your business

On-demand economy

Delight your users by letting them get in touch with their drivers, delivery people, handymen and other service providers without leaving your app.

Customer Support

Increase the satisfaction of your users and solve their problems faster by connecting them to your support or sales teams directly via chat on your website.

Team collaboration

Increase the productivity of your users and keep them engaged in your app by letting them chat, live and in context.


Increase user confidence in your marketplace by enabling them to ask questions and coordinate transactions with sellers in real time chat.

Small communities

Make your community stronger by adding messaging to your app. Users can chat without having to leave for a different messaging app.


Improve in-game stickiness by embedding chat in your game and allowing players to talk strategy with each other in teams or all-chat.

Have another use case like Chatbots or Online Dating?

We can help there too.

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Essentials right out of the box

Public & private rooms

Simple authentication mechanism.

Online presence

Easily display which users are online or offline in your rooms or across the whole chat app.

Read Cursors

Display to your users how far they or other users have read the conversation.

Rich Media Messaging

Send GIFs, photos or videos, or any other files, all without the hassle of having to store any of them.

Roles & permissions

Granular permissions model so you can set and update access rights programatically to create any type of role, from admin to read-only.

Typing indicators

Bob, Lisa, Everyone is typing… Show your users when someone else is typing in the room.

Message storage

Access the message history of all your chat rooms. We store the messages so you don’t have to.

Making your app
easier, one API call at a time

Easily add Chatkit to your existing app. We have 7 well-documented SDKs that will help you focus on what you do best, build great apps.

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Trusted by giants.
Loved by startups.

Pusher was founded in 2011. In the past 7 years, our Channels product has scaled to millions of concurrent users across multiple regions to support the growth of our customers.

Engage & retain your users now. See Chatkit in action.

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