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1,000 Uniquely Identified Users

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How do you count Uniquely Identified Users?

Uniquely Identified Users (UIU) are specific individuals who have authenticated and established a session with Pusher Chatkit during the current calendar month. Regardless of how long they stay logged in or how many messages they send, each person is only counted as one user per month. This metric resets at the beginning of each billing cycle.

How do you calculate Messages Per Month?

Messages Per Month refers to the unique number of new messages that pass through our platform each month. We only count messages once—even when they are received by 500 people in the same room. This metric also resets at the beginning of each billing cycle.

Who is the Developer plan for?

It's for developers who want to play with the product for a personal project. For commercial projects, we recommend that you use one of our paid plans.

Can I see my usage metrics?

Yes. All metrics that affect billing are available in your Pusher Dashboard.

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