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Frequently asked questions

How do you count Uniquely Identified Users?

Uniquely Identified Users (UIU) are unique users who have authenticated and established a session with Pusher Chatkit during the calendar month.
Once a user is authenticated and establishes a session with Chatkit, it doesn’t matter how long they stay logged in, or how many messages they send, they’re only counted once per month. It is reset at the beginning of every month (UTC).

How do you calculate Message per month?

This is the number of unique new message published to our platform per month.
We only count messages once when they are published even if it is received by 100 people in the same room. The count is reset at the beginning of every month (UTC).

Can the Sandbox plan be used for production?

Yes. We also strive to provide every one with a generous free plan that can help their app get traction in production for $0.

Can I see my usage metrics?

Yes. All metrics you are billed against are available in your Pusher Dashboard.

Who owns my data on Chatkit?

You retain full ownership of all of your data that you send to us.
We do not share it with any 3rd parties and you can request the data to be deleted by contacting us.

How do you count Media Stored?

We count a media (or file) stored when it is successfully uploaded to our platform from the API or via a client SDK. Until you decide to delete this file, it will count toward your plan limit. While the feature is still in beta, you will not be charged for any media or files stored.

Can I increase the limits for the premium features?

Absolutely. All plan limits can be increased or decreased. Contact us to learn more about our tailored pricing.

When should I upgrade from the Sandbox Plan to a Business Plan?

When you hit one of your limits. If the business is not right for you, please contact us to create your own tailored plan.

What happens if my app exceeds the Free Plan limits of 1,000 UIU?

When your app does hit the limit, you will receive an email alerting you to upgrade your plan.
We do not limit your connections immediately but if you don’t upgrade or contact us within 7 days, any users after the limit won’t be able to authenticate and connect to our platform.

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