🎉 New release for Pusher Chatkit - Webhooks! Extend your in-app chat functionality
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Communication is everything. Look here and find answers to your questions.

Should I use Chatkit?

Yes! Some examples of Chatkit use cases include:

  • Adding social chat features to your app, whether 1-1 or group chat.
  • Collaborative apps where people with different roles can chat with one another and work towards a common goal.
  • Building an app or service that includes chat support to your users across different platforms.

Where and how are messages, rooms, and users stored?

See our Data Protection policy. If you have any questions or concerns, contact chatkit@pusher.com.

How will pricing work?

Check out the pricing page here. We’d love to chat with you to better understand your use case(s), as we understand that every application is different and you may require a custom plan to suit your needs.

Chatkit is nice, but can it do X? I have a feature request, what should I do?

Just ask us! Email us at chatkit@pusher.com. We’d love to hear your requests.

Do you support Emojis?

😍 🤗 💯 (in short, yes)

Can I send videos, GIFs and images via Chatkit?

Absolutely! You can find out more about how to do this here.