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  • 1-1 and group chat

    Build trust and engagement by creating connections for individuals and communities.

  • Rich media messaging

    Send multiple messages, images and files. React with comments or emojis to provide deeper context to conversations.

  • Webhooks

    Extend in-app chat functionality, integrate existing workflows, monitor user actions and behaviors, or gather analytics.

  • Read cursors

    Show your users how far they and their conversation partners have read each chat.

  • Presence and typing indicators

    Prominently display which users are online and engaging in rooms and across the whole chat app.

  • Multiple push notificationsNew!

    Keep your users engaged. Bring them back into the conversation with both mobile and web notifications and deliver messages across multiple apps and platforms to keep users in sync.

  • Message storage

    Access the histories of all your chat rooms. We store messages so you don’t have to.

  • Roles and permissions

    Set and update permissions programmatically to control access and create any type of role, from admin to read-only.

Our platform. Your developers.

Flexible and customizable in every way, our APIs are built with developers in mind. Our extensive docs and tutorials make it easy to get up and running, fast.

let lobbyRoomId = 42

let lobby

currentUser.joinRoom({ roomId: lobbyRoomId })

.then(room => {

lobby = room

// Hello, everyone! 👋


let lobbyRoomId = 42

let lobby

currentUser.joinRoom({ roomId: lobbyRoomId })

.then(room => {

lobby = room

// Hello, everyone! 👋


Over 40 libraries and SDKs. We have libraries for just about every major language and platform. So whether you are working on web apps, iOS or Android, you can build with the tools you love.

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