Realtime Results

Display the status of anything in realtime, including match scores, odds updates, election results or polls. You can use Channels to stream any data in realtime and get it to users when they need it - now.

Help your users to gain insight into their decision making and stay up to date with the latest information.

Stream financial data to trading or currency platforms and ensure time-sensitive decisions are fully informed

Display information in rich dashboards to provide effortless analytics tools for your end users

Enhance news platforms by visualizing the world with live polls, election results and realtime feeds

Keep sports fans engaged and up to date with results and highlights from events across the world

Case study

The Washington Post’s realtime news coverage

Find out how The Washington Post broke realtime records by using WebSockets with Pusher Channels to send 1 million messages per second to global news readers during the 2020 US Presidential Election

Try it out yourself with our tutorial

Want to deliver engaging live data updates to your own users? Learn how to build a dynamic realtime results app using Channels and Beams.

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