Connect with your users and allow them to communicate in realtime with in-app messaging. You can use Channels to build dynamic chats which drive engagement, increase transactions and dramatically improve customer satisfaction.

Streamline communication between app users with feature-rich functionality from the sales funnel to customer service and encourage community building in your app.

Provide the instant updates your users expect by connecting them directly with the person they need through in-app messaging

Add presence indicators, typing indicators and read receipts to keep everyone up to speed

Allow marketplace, gaming and other communities in your app to connect in a convenient and meaningful way with 1:1 or multi-user chat rooms

Take charge with full control over your customer conversation database and full flexibility to use your own business logic in your chat solution

Reduce confusion and frustration for users and your customer service team by providing practical live communication channels

Case study

Realtime chat for Remind's online learners

Find out how Remind is using realtime chat with Pusher to connect and engage a generation of tech-native learners in the virtual classroom

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