Winning Big at Rails Rumble


Rails Rumble 2013 came to an end on the 24th of October, and what a brilliant event it was. Congratulations to all participants - you should be proud!


Rails Rumble 2013 came to an end on the 24th of October, and what a brilliant event it was. As one of the sponsors at Rails Rumble, we were struck by the quality and sheer variety of what all teams were able to produce over the course of two days. Congratulations to all participants, you should be proud!

We’d shared a list of tips and advice in preparation for it beforehand (we particularly hope that we managed to save one or two from junk food), and now you can find out more about some of the winners and how they’ve done it!

Rumbler Takes Top Spot

Coming in at first place was the aptly-named Rumbler, an app that helps companies to analyse incoming calls, putting most used words and sentiments into visual form. The service also logs call history, allowing companies to easily check who said what.

Rumbler’s developers, the Guild of Calamitous Intent, took home a landslide in prizes – these included the 2013 Rails Rumble Championship Belt, $2000 USD in Apple or Amazon gift certificates, a 1 Year Startup Plan with Pusher and more.

The Public Favourite

Another great performer at Rails Rumble was RubyScore, voted the Public Favourite at the competition. RubyScore provide ratings for any Ruby developer based on their GitHub profile. We were quite happy to found out that they were using Pusher too!

The ratings feature an A – F grading system but also creatively named ‘achievements’ such as ‘View it, Fork it, Jam – Unlock it’ for having a project forked at least 10 times. Sylvain currently holds an…F grade, but he’s no developer. We can admire the fact that he has a Github account and some ruby code on there in the first place.

Rubyscore Pusher


Another year, another awesome competition. This year’s Rails Rumble featured 500 teams, making it the biggest yet.

Check out the other winners at Rails Rumble, but do have a look at the other participants as well! There’ll definitely be something you’ll find useful, surprising or downright genius amongst the entries – from a dictionary for sign language to a lunch decision arbiter (particularly relevant in the daily Pusher Lunch Struggle), there’s something for everyone. Once again, well done to all the awesome participants – we may see you again next year.