The definitive Django and Pusher online workshop


Join Pusher for an online workshop on the 24th March. Learn how to set up private and presence notification channels with Django and Python. We will cover authentication and CSRF prevention.


We have partnered with RMOTR to organize an online workshop on Saturday 24 March 2018 12 PM EST/ 4PM GMT on integrating Private and Presence channels with Django, including auth and configuration.

RMOTR is an online bootcamp with real teachers and classes. Two classes per week in a live classroom, surrounded by people and with UNLIMITED mentor support. Check them out here.

Workshop description

As you know, Pusher makes it incredibly simple to get started sending real time notifications with public channels. But Private and Presence channels require a little bit more work, specially because they require to setup authentication and deal with CSRF (cross site request forgery) tokens.

We’ll go step by step through how to connect and authenticate Private and Presence channels, especially addressing those complicated points like authentication and CSRF prevention.

You’ll be using Django 2.0 and Python 3.6. User authentication is the default provided by Django auth. We’ll also be using the official Pusher Python library to authenticate and trigger events.

Register here and see you online on Saturday!

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