Releasing State of Kotlin 2018


Find out more about the state of Kotlin 2018 survey.


Hello, there fellow Kotliners!

At the beginning of the year, we ran a survey on the State of Kotlin, asking you for your thoughts, opinions, and experiences, about the language, its ecosystem and how you’ve gotten around to learning it.

We had a great response from 2,744 intrepid Kotliners, and today we are excited to announce that we are releasing a report with our findings from the survey!

Here are some nuggets of information waiting for you in the report:

  • Android is HUGE – about 80% of respondents said they are Android developers.
  • Kotlin is also growing astronomically – a true hockey stick ? experience, especially since Google announced official support for Kotlin on Android.
  • A large portion of developers program in Kotlin in both their work and side projects. Over half of respondents’ projects are also written almost entirely in Kotlin!
  • When it comes to favorite features, most like to play it safe, with null safety being adored by over 80% of developers, followed by extension functions, streamlined interoperability with Java, and data classes.

The key takeaways from the report are that Kotlin is going strong, and will continue to grow.

Our team at Pusher predicts that over time, more and more of that growth will come from new developers for whom Kotlin will be their first foray into programming, and it just might happen that they will judge every other language against Kotlin. Its features and flexibility allow for great productivity and that could greatly influence the development of other programming languages as well.

If this sounds interesting to you, surf on to to check out the report, see some shiny graphs and be merry.

On the other hand, if cold hard data is more like your thing, then you might be interested in hearing that we’re also releasing the dataset on Kaggle for your enjoyment alongside the report. If you find some interesting insight that we’ve missed we’ll reward you with our warmest gratitude and some swanky Pusher swag.

Finally, if you have any comments, questions, about this survey, or suggestions for State of Kotlin 2019, please get in touch at Any insight is more than welcome. As are social shares, each of them will be individually celebrated by our resident Kotlin Appreciation Society.


Zan & the Kotliners at Pusher