Releasing Beams Web Notifications v1.0


Our Beams web SDK allows you to integrate notifications in a few simple steps. Join to begin building engaging transactional notifications for your users.


Since launching the beta for web notifications on Beams last month we’ve had some great feedback from our testing programme. We’ve now added a bunch of extra features to bring the SDK in line with Beams’ rich offering and are pleased to announce that web notifications for Pusher Beams is now generally available in v1.0!

What does this mean?

Web push is production ready. You can expect the same uptime and availability guarantees you’ve come to rely on with existing Beams features.

The SDK and backend API are now 1.0. We will not be releasing any breaking changes outside of our standard deprecation policy.

Check out the new features we added during beta…

Cross browser support
Beams web push was initially released with support for Google Chrome. With recent GA release we now have support for:

  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Opera

We have heard your feedback asking for Safari support. It’s on our product roadmap, so keep an eye out for updates.

Support for all Beams publishing mechanisms
Beams web push now has support for all Beams publish types:

Authenticated Users: Securely publish personalized notifications to users who are logged in to your application/website
Device Interests: Broadcast messages to all users or targeted groups using pub/sub message topology

Delivery and open tracking: Insights and Webhooks
The web SDK now tracks notification delivery and engagement. Now you can view analytics based on the lifecycle data of your notifications so you can make sure you are sending the most effective push notifications to your users.
See these events in your dashboard using our Beams Insights graphs & Debug Console or consume these events independently via our Webhook system.

Custom notification icons
Beams web push now supports setting custom notification icons for each notification you send.

Deep linking
Direct users to the right page for each notification by setting a deep link when publishing.

Head to our docs to get started with the Beams web SDK!