Redesigning the Pusher website for 2020


Here are the changes we've implemented to the Pusher website in 2020.


2020 saw the introduction of our new website and blog. Pusher’s mission is to empower developers to create powerful realtime features at scale. We handle complex infrastructure so that you can focus on the experience.

Key to this update are some fundamental improvements.

New and more prominent code block samples; we provide APIs for developers in multiple languages. These code examples show how developers can use their preferred language and how our products can be integrated with theirs.

Clearer use cases examples; where we highlight the many possibilities of our products.

Detailed product features; that outline the ins and outs of our products.

Greater visibility of our SDK support; and how we can help support your requirements.

A revamped pricing structure; to make it easier for our customers to understand our various plans.

Showcasing our existing customers; our customers have built great products using Pusher and we want to highlight the work they’re doing and how we support them.

All of these improvements have the same goal: helping you understand what our products can do.

We are also concurrently undertaking updates to our visual identity and design systems to better help communicate and link these components for a more efficient user experience. We can’t wait to share more of the work we are currently doing at Pusher, and looking forward to sharing more with you throughout 2020!