Pusher Hackdays April 2016


We recently held our quarterly Pusher hackday, featuring as usual two days of coding, sketching and general office craziness. Here are the details.


We recently held our quarterly Pusher hackday, featuring as usual two days of coding, sketching and general office craziness.

The team was split into six smaller project groups of roughly 3-4 each with it’s own dinosaur name, something John Hammond would gaze upon with envy. The theme for the hacks was ‘Out of time’.

The victorious team was the Gallimimuses with their retro arcade game. Who knew that being chased by a pink monster would prove to be so popular?

Here’s a summary of the team projects we built over the two hackdays:

Gallimimuses – Replay

We were transported back to the arcades of the 90s. This multiplayer game involved getting safely through the maze before you ‘run out of time’ or get eaten by a zombie fire breathing monster.


Built using HTML, JavaScript and Phaser. Have a peek at the Github repository here.

Tyrannosaurus Rexes – Space Rack

The T-Rexes took a culinary twist on the theme creating an interactive button that would alert the user when they are ‘running out of thyme’. They definitely took the prize for most creative interpretation.


Built using Javascript, their hack can be found on Github.

Stegosauri- Social Coffee

Inspired by that well known dating app beginning with T and ending in R (no copy right infringement intended) the Stegosauri created an app which encouraged everyone in the office to meetup over a cuppa. Swipe left for yes and right for no and shiiiibang you have yourself a coffee date.

Built using Swift and Go! Find them on Github.

Triceratops- Quill

Spawned out of the want to be able to quickly delete emails and combined with our horticultural knowledge Quill was born. It deletes your old emails whilst recycling them into beautiful plants with little to no gardening skills required. What’s not to like?


Built using React Native. Check out their Github repository!.

Indominus Rexes- Time Lapse

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to go back in time? We don’t have the answer but the Indominus rexes created the next best thing. It takes live recordings and adds a time lapse so everything is ‘out of time’…spooky.

Built using Javascript. Github repository

Brachiosauruses- Prince Kumar’s n-way Rock, Paper, Scissors

Think rock, paper, scissors and add a splash of realtime technology, multiplayer functionality, a clock and there you have it: Prince Kumar’s n-way Rock, Paper, Scissors. Classy as always the Brachiosauruses splashed the cash on their presentation.

Built using NodeJS and Pusher :) Check out the repository here

We’d love to know what you think of our hackday projects. Tweet the Pusher Hackday Committee at @laurenmplews @vivangkumar and @Jack_Franklin.

We’re looking for talented people to join the team so if this excites you get in touch and hack with us.