Pusher Community Libraries Highlights


In this post we’re going to highlight some of the libraries and tools that have recently been created or updated by our community.


Every so often we see people within the Pusher community going out of their way to help others. Sometimes this is by creating their own community libraries for their favourite platform, other times it’s helping answer questions on StackOverflow. In short, you guys are amazing – the things you do never fails to put a smile on our faces!

In this post we’re going to highlight some of the community libraries and tools that have recently been created or updated by our community. This is by no means an exhaustive list and we’d love to hear about a library or tool that you’ve made to help others use Pusher.

We’ve split the libraries and tools by programming language or framework, in no particular order:


Ruby Pusher community libraries real-time

We use Ruby quite heavily at Pusher so it’s brilliant to see more tools and resources created for others who also use it.


If you’ve ever used ActiveRecord in your Rails apps then you’ll appreciate Pusherable. By adding callback hooks to ActiveModel objects, it automatically sends model data via Pusher to whoever is listening, like client side apps that update its content in real time.


This is a great tool that allows you to fake the Pusher API for local development and testing. It technically doesn’t require you to develop in Ruby, however the test framework is built in Ruby which is why it’s included here.


JavaScript Pusher community libraries real-time

The staple language for providing real-time on websites, JavaScript has many different frameworks that are just waiting for Pusher integration.


Thanks to Tobias, Knockout can now be added to the list of JavaScript frameworks Pusher has been integrated with. So get started and add some real-time goodness into your Knockout.js app.

Knockout can now be added to the list of JavaScript frameworks Pusher has been integrated with. It follows the MVVM (Model-View-View-Model) pattern and you can find out more about how it works on the Knockout website.


We’ve been using Angular a lot in the office, helped immensely by the Pusher integration with Angular done by the community. If you’re interested in learning more about this library, make sure to read our latest tutorial about this libary.

Ember Pusher

Another popular JavaScript application framework is Ember which now integrate well with Pusher thanks to Jamie’s great work. If you are interested in adding real-time features to your Emberjs app, we strongly suggest that you read Jamie’s quick start guide.


Go Pusher community libraries real-time

We’re seeing more and more people using Go in their projects. We even use it internally at Pusher for a variety of things. The following integrations allow you to use Pusher within your Go projects.

Go server

This Go integration allows you to send messages via Pusher from your server. Why not combine the power of Go with a client side framework like Angular, Ember, Backbone or Knockout which all have their own Pusher library now?

Go client

This client library written in Go is useful if you ever want to listen to events or messages in your Go App. If you are building apps using Go, we’d love to hear from you.


This cool integration in Go forwards IRC messages via Pusher. What can you do with this? How about sending servers logs or alert to your IRC channel to get notify in real-time? Nifty!



If you use the compiled Clojure language then you’ll appreciate this Pusher client library for Clojure.

Erlang and Elixir

A few integretions have recently surfaced around Erlang, a functional programming language that’s gaining a lot of traction.

Pusher Elixir

This allows you to send messages through Pusher using the Elixir language built on top of Erlang.


This project aims to replicate the functionality of Pusher within Erlang, it’s quite impressive!


Poxa is another replication of Pusher within Erlang, this time built using Elixir.


Perl Pusher community libraries real-time

Just because Perl is an old language doesn’t mean it can’t support realtime messaging via WebSockets.

Pusher for Perl

If you use Perl then you’ll like this Pusher client for both sending and receiving messages.


We’ve had a stable PHP library for some time now, though the popularity of the platform has seen many new Pusher libraries and integrations being released.


Based on the Guzzle HTTP framework, ZfrPusher is a PHP client for Pusher.


PHP server library for Pusher using Composer.

WP Pusher

Keep your readers engage with this WordPress plugin that uses Pusher to notify people on your site when a new post has been published.


Shover is a lightweight PHP interface for sending messages via the Pusher API.


We’ve seen an increasing number of requests for .NET integrations, it’s good to see those starting to appear.


Our good friends at Murally wrote this great Xamarin library that combines Pusher with .NET and iOS.


This .NET client library for Pusher is perfect if you’re building an application for the Windows Store.


Python Pusher community libraries real-time


Erik recently updated his Pusher Python library to now uses its own logger instead of the root logger. If you ever want to receive messages and events in your Python app, this library is the one to use.


Arduino Pusher community libraries real-time

Adding realtime to physical devices is pretty amazing. These Arduino integrations help get you started. If you are building ANYTHING with Arduino, let us know! We love to see Pusher integration with physical devices.

Arduino Pusher Client

With this Arduino library you can now bring realtime to physical devices using Pusher.

Websocket Client for Arduino

This Arduino Pusher library is an alternative approach to adding real-time to physical devices.


pusherhub, by

If you want to use Pusher with Lua then pusherhub has you covered. It uses the Corona application framework.



While not quite as popular any more, we get a lot of request for Pusher support with Flash. This ActionScript library does the job quite well.

Get involved

This is just a selection of the awesome libraries and integrations that are being worked on by our community. Projects like these are already helping other people when trying to add realtime to their own applications.

We’d love you to write a library or tool for languages and platforms that you don’t see here. Let us know if you do so we can feature it!