October Events


Pusher is extremely excited to be getting involved in a variety of events around the Globe this October.


We are extremely excited to be getting involved in a variety of events around the Globe this October.

Facebook, Moscow

Kicking off with our 3rd Facebook Hackathon this season, we travelled to Moscow, Russian Federation on the 1st.


A few days later we’ll be off to Chicago for the Chicago Web Conf, where Phil will be running a 3 hour Realtime Web Workshop on the 5th of October.

Arrr Camp

We are also proud to be a sponsor of Arrr Camp, a 2-day, dual track Ruby, Rails and web related conference with plenty of good speakers, loads of free rum and a free pirate twist, which will take place in Ghent, Belgium on the 5th and 6th of October.

TwilioCon 2012

Later in the month we are heading to San Francisco for the Twilio Conference, which will bring over 1,000 software developers, entrepreneurs, system integrators, and independent software vendors. Phil will be giving a talk on How the Real-Time Web is Influencing the Future of Communications


On the 15th and the 16th of October we’ll be at HTML5DevConf, where Phil will join a WebSocket panel focusing on “WebSocket Applications and the Vision for the future”.

FOWA London

Back in London we’ll be sponsoring the Future of Web Apps (FOWA) London – a first-class conference for web developers and entrepreneurs, bringing together web visionaries to discuss the technologies and platforms you should be using to build the next generation of successful apps. FOWA London will take place on the 15-17th of October.

The Realtime Conference

We are then off to Portland OR, where we’re sponsoring The Realtime Conference.

Hackathon Manchester

Finally, we’re rounding up the month with a Hackathon in Manchester, which will be happening during the Manchester Science Festival from 3pm 27th until late on 28th October.

Hopefully see you soon!