Gamindo: Revolutionizing market engagement with realtime branded games


Gamindo elevates engagement through immersive custom branded games, fostering real-time connections that entertain audiences.


In an era where traditional marketing methods often fall short of engaging and retaining audiences, Gamindo is stepping in to redefine the way businesses connect with their customers. Leveraging the power of gamification, Gamindo empowers brands to transform their marketing strategies into captivating interactive experiences. With a strong focus on awareness, education, lead generation, and conversion, the team of five at Gamindo crafts custom games with realtime features powered by Pusher, paving the way for enhanced brand recognition and customer loyalty.

The Evolution of Branded Games: From Adobe Flash to Modern Web Technologies

The landscape of marketing has witnessed a notable evolution in recent years, with the emergence of gamification as a powerful tool to captivate audiences and achieve business objectives. One of the most memorable cases in the world of brand games was the iconic Hotel 626, a spine-chilling horror game created by Doritos.

The groundbreaking game pushed the boundaries of marketing by delivering an immersive and unforgettable horror experience to players, available exclusively during the haunting hours of the night.

However, while Hotel 626 gripped players, it also highlighted the technological constraints of its time. The game relied on Adobe Flash, which presented compatibility issues and limited accessibility for a broader audience. Today, Gamindo harnesses the power of more modern web technologies to develop seamless and immersive branded games that can be easily accessed across devices.

Connecting Audiences and Brands through Gaming

Gamindo excels at creating immersive games that entertain, educate, and establish strong connections between players and brands. From their collaboration with industry giants like Google on the thrilling Space Shelter adventure to fashion influencer Chiara Ferragni's game "Rescue Matilda”, Gamindo showcases its expertise in captivating audiences and creating a solid foundation for brands to forge lasting bonds with players through custom games.

In Space Shelter, players embark on an interstellar journey, learning valuable lessons on account security, phishing, and online scams while striving to reach the Space Shelter base. The game reinforces Google authority in online safety and with over 450,000 plays, Space Shelter exemplifies Gamindo's ability to engage players while highlighting the measures taken by Google to protect users.

Chiara Ferragni's game Matilda, developed by Gamindo, is a Super Mario-style adventure where players take on the role of Chiara herself, aiming to save her beloved dog Matilda. Before embarking on the mission, players can customise Chiara's appearance by choosing fashionable outfits available in the Chiara Ferragni store. The success of "Rescue Matilda" extends beyond player engagement. With over 55,000 registered leads, the game has effectively captured the attention and interest of players, translating into valuable leads for her business.

Pasquale Ragozzino, the CTO of Gamindo, affirmed the instrumental role of Pusher in their development process: 

"Basing all our multiplayer technology on WebSockets, Pusher has accelerated the process of developing and promoting our products thanks to the technical self-management of the service”

Gamindo uses Pusher Channels to incorporate realtime multiplayer gaming features such as in-game chat and presence indicators into their custom games. Scaling to accommodate over 1,000 users per live room was a top priority for Gamindo. Recognising a need for reliable, scalable realtime infrastructure to serve their rapidly growing user base, Gamindo adopted Channels as their solution. With Channels integrated into their platform, Gamindo is able to effortlessly handle thousands of chat users in a live room, ensuring a smooth and uninterrupted user experience.

Having used Pusher successfully in a previous project, Pasquale had confidence in the platform's reliability and performance. Additionally, Pusher's active participation in industry events and collaborations further solidified the trust Gamindo had in the platform.

Pasquale's pragmatic approach guided the team's adoption of Pusher Channels, as he emphasized the value of leveraging existing tools: 

"Try not to reinvent the wheel but rather use it to create a car.

Strategically choosing to implement Channels empowered them to concentrate their efforts on refining their business model and consistently delivering exceptional product quality.

They aim to expand their realtime capabilities and offer additional features in the future, including a dashboard that provides live engagement data for clients and the ability to share realtime polls with players.

By leveraging the Pusher infrastructure, Gamindo has improved their productivity drastically. The ease of implementation with Channels allowed Gamindo to focus on their core competencies: developing high quality games and delivering superior user experiences. The estimated time saved by using Pusher is at least one month per project, giving Gamindo a competitive edge in meeting tight project deadlines.

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