Announcing the new React Native SDK for Pusher Channels!


Using Pusher Channels, you can build React Native applications with realtime infrastructure for your app. Without the need for external dependencies. Check out the React Native SDK on Pusher docs.


Today we’re announcing the release of the React Native SDK for Pusher Channels!

In our 2021 developer survey, React Native was the framework most requested by our community. From today, you can quickly build native mobile apps using Pusher Channels and React Native.

React Native combines the well-known React JavaScript ecosystem with the best parts of native development.

By using React principles to glue together native components with JavaScript, you can share one codebase across platforms. Development is far faster and end users will have a smoother user experience on all devices.

Today, many of the most popular global apps use React Native. Apps like Facebook Ads, Instagram, TikTok, Messenger, Viber, Skype, Oculus, Shopify, and others. Facebook was actually the first one to use ReactJS and React Native to create Facebook as a social media platform. Now, many larger enterprises, as well as small businesses, develop native apps using React Native.

Why use the Pusher React Native SDK?

Building native mobile apps from scratch, which work seamlessly on different platforms, can be challenging. Especially if you want both fast deployment and a great user experience.

Previously, the React Native setup for Pusher was a little complicated. ⁠You’d need to install external dependencies to make Pusher Channels work correctly on both platforms (iOS and Android).

With the new SDK, React developers are able to build natively on all platforms by adding pusher-websocket-react-native to the dependencies list.

Get started with Channels and React Native

Use the React Native quick start guide to get you started.

The new package is available now on npm and GitHub. Check out the Pusher docs for more info on how to get started with using Channels.

If you’re not set up with Pusher yet, you can sign up and start building with our free sandbox plan today. The sandbox plan comes with 100 simultaneous open connections and 200k daily messages—so you have plenty to experiment with.

If you need any help, you can reach our support team.