Hello, we are Pusher.

We make realtime cool.

Our Mission

We provide cloud-based functionality that lets people make a bigger impact.

Our Values

Our values drive what we build and how we do it.

Be Expansive

Value a big impact over a cost-saving. Hunt the big wins and low hanging fruit. Look for leverage. Avoid optimising for a local maximum. Think bigger.


Be Curious

Ask questions. Make learning a priority. Look for better ways to do things. Question the status quo. Try to understand more than you need to.


Delight your customers

Our customers place a lot of trust in us. Honour that trust. Go the extra mile to create a fantastic experience. View your colleagues as customers and treat them the same.


Be Open

Share ideas, accept criticism, and be open to new perspectives. Be clear about what you're doing and demand clarity from others. Understand that we all have the same goals.


Be responsible

Don't seek instructions. Work within our values to move towards the longer term goals. Take ownership of things and live up to that responsibility. Do what you say you'll do.


Constantly look to improve

Embrace the philosophy of Kaizen. Never be satisfied. Always try to make things better. Hunt the big wins that involve a small amount of energy.


Do less

Saying no to the unnecessary. Stay focused. Do more with less. Avoid waste. Embrace constraints as a way of fostering creativity. Destroy the unnecessary.


Our Team

We are a small, technology-focused company working in the heart of London.