Device Interests

Device Interests target groups of devices. They use the Publish/Subscribe model to decide which devices should receive a particular message.

With Device Interests, a device "subscribes" to an Interest. Then when your servers publish a push notification to a Device Interest, only the devices subscribed to that Interest will receive it.

Device interests are anonymous. They are useful when the identity of the end user is not important - you just want to publish to groups of devices.

Device interests are not currently supported by the web SDK

Device Interests have no concept of who owns the device. If you want to target a specific user across all their devices, consider using Authenticated Users.


  • A device can be subscribed to a maximum of 5000 Device Interests.
  • Device Interest names are limited to 164 characters and can only contain ASCII upper/lower-case letters, numbers or one of _-=@,.;