Send iOS push notifications, effortlessly

Pusher Beams is a global push notification API for when you need critical transactional information delivered in realtime, every time. Send push notifications from your iOS application with a single API call, from 1 to millions of users

Trusted by Giants. Loved by startups.


Understand the delivery health and open rates of your notifications with our insights feature, so you can send the messages which work best for your users

A service built to scale

Deliver push notifications with speed to all your users with our exceptional delivery rates and service level agreements available for enterprise customers

Easy integration

We host and manage your entire token lifecycle, manage your google developer keys and store your interest subscriptions so you can focus on what is important


You control who sees your data. Use our Authenticated Users feature to send personalised and private notifications with confidence, including transactions and social activity

Send your first push notification in 10 minutes

With no complex integration or maintenance, it is easy to get started with Beams. Our flexible self-serve tiers let you scale with ease with expert notification delivery for any user base.

We love developers

Working with Java or Kotlin? Our comprehensive SDKs have you covered whatever your stack.

Client libraries
Official server libraries

Want to ship to multiple platforms? You can use the Beams API to send notifications to iOS and browsers too!