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Backbone Live

Backbone Live Models and Collections

These two Backbone mixins aim to make working with Channels even easier. It keeps your Models and Collections always up-to-date by capturing Channels events from the server. It also adheres to the "convention over configuration" mentality, and prescribes the event names you should use with your Channels events to reduce the amount of code needed.

Publishing Realtime Updates from Apex with Pusher

In this tutorial:

  • Apex
  • Force
  • Java
  • Visualforce

Apex provides a complete set of features for building business applications – including data models and objects to manage data, a workflow engine for managing collaboration of that data between users, a user interface model to handle forms and other interactions, and a Web services API for programmatic access and integration. You can now do this in realtime, using Pusher Channels.

By Pat Patterson.

Managing and responding to the status of your Channels connection

In this tutorial:

  • JavaScript
  • library
  • Connection states

Channels has a rich JavaScript client that handles the nitty gritty of WebSocket connections. It emits events to expose the connection's status. With this functionality, you can tell your users whether the realtime features of your site are available and, if they are not, if and when they might become available.

Check authentication signatures

In the helper:

  • Publisher
  • JavaScript
  • Private
  • Presence

A utility written in JavaScript that lets you check what your authentication message and JSON should be given a channel_name, socket_id and optionally some channel_data. This can be helpful if your are having trouble authenticating subscription to a private or presence channel.

Catch Authentication Errors

In the blog post:

  • JavaScript
  • Authentication
  • Private Channels
  • Presence Channels

A short blog post showing how to catch errors which occur when calling authentication endpoints to authenticate a private or presence channel subscription when using the Channels JavaScript library.

Implement Live Web Chat With ASP.NET MVC 4, Pusher Channels and jQuery (Part 1)

How to setup growl notifications for Beanstalk Deployments

Making Backbone Applications Realtime With Pusher Channels

JSONp authentication for channels

In the blog post:

  • JavaScript
  • Authentication
  • Private Channels
  • Presence Channels
  • Ruby

This post shows how to use the JSONp authentication using the Channels JavaScript library and shows how to execute the callback in in Ruby.

Adding Channels to Truestory (Rails tutorial)
By Oliver

How to Push (PHP tutorial)
By Tom Arnfeld

Channels and ColdFusion
By Ben Nadel

Pushing events to your iPhone using WebSockets and Pusher
By Luke Redpath

Basic private channel authentication using PHP

In the code:

  • PHP
  • Code
  • Authentication
  • Private Channels

A simple example of how to implement an authentication endpoint in PHP which authenticates a private channel subscription. The code sample uses the PHP Channels Server library to generate the authentication signature and JSON.