Push Notifications Migration Guide

This is a guide to ease your migration from Pusher’s beta push notifications service to Pusher Beams.

Two years ago we added push notification support to Channels with the same pub/sub model our users love. We had so much interest in the beta feature that we decided to build a specialised push notifications product called Pusher Beams.

Pusher Beams offers API/SDKs for delivering push notifications with Interests for segmenting users into pub/sub topics. We are also offering some brand new features: delivery and open rates, performance that’s built to scale, and iOS tokens which never expire.

Automated GCM upgrade
You may have heard that Google has deprecated GCM in favor of FCM. If you have integrated GCM into your push notifications [BETA] application your devices will be automatically migrated to FCM with no effort on your part.

Today we will show you how to migrate your iOS and Android device tokens and interest subscriptions from the push notifications [BETA] (which was released as part of the Pusher Channels SDKs) to Pusher Beams.