The collaboration feature allows you to share access to an instance with other members of your team.


You will find the Collaborators section in the Settings tab of the instance you want to share. There you can invite people to share your instance, see who has access to your instance, remove collaborators who have left your team.

Inviting users

You can invite people by email address. They will receive an email with an invitation link. When they click that link, one of three things will happen:

  • If they don't have an account, they will be prompted to create one with their email address.
  • If they already have an account, they will be prompted to login.
  • If they already have an account and are logged in, they will land on the new instance they now have access to.

Access Control

Collaborator have full access to an instance's functionality, just like the instance owner does. However only the owner can:

  • Delete the instance
  • Add and remove collatorators
When a user deletes their account, their instances get deleted as well. Collaborators will lose access to the removed instances.

Removing collaborators

Only the instance owner can remove a collaborator, even if the collaboration invitation wasn't accepted yet. The removed collaborator is notified via email that they no longer have access to the instance.