We scale your real-time infrastructure.

Don't spend weeks on what you can do in minutes.

Small apps and demos
$ 19 / month
100 Max Connections
Unlimited Channels
200,000 Messages / Day
Limited Support
Encryption SSL Protection
Production ready apps
$ 49 / month
500 Max Connections
Unlimited Channels
1 million Messages / Day
Limited Support
Encryption SSL Protection
Apps at scale
$ 199 / month
5,000 Max Connections
Unlimited Channels
10 million Messages / Day
24hr Support
Encryption SSL Protection
Realtime is a core feature
$ 399 / month
10,000 Max Connections
Unlimited Channels
20 million Messages / Day
Dedicated Support
Encryption SSL Protection
Start with our Sandbox plan which includes 20 max connections, 100k messages per day and unlimited channels.
Join 45,000 happy developers
We scale your business
Enterprise customers
Flexible Packages
Every app is different so we've added some flexibility into our pricing.
Solid Infrastructure
To give you peace of mind, our larger plans all come with SLAs.
Massive Scale
For customers with very large needs we scale to millions of connections.
Dedicated Support
Our large customers have access to a dedicated account manager.
We can help your business grow