Hello, we are Pusher.

Our Mission

We provide cloud-based functionality that lets people make a bigger impact.

Our Values

Our values drive what we build and how we do it.

Be Expansive

Value a big impact over a cost-saving. Hunt the big wins and low hanging fruit. Look for leverage. Avoid optimising for a local maximum. Think bigger.


Be Curious

Ask questions. Make learning a priority. Look for better ways to do things. Question the status quo. Try to understand more than you need to.


Delight your customers

Our customers place a lot of trust in us. Honour that trust. Go the extra mile to create a fantastic experience. View your colleagues as customers and treat them the same.


Be Open

Share ideas, accept criticism, and be open to new perspectives. Be clear about what you're doing and demand clarity from others. Understand that we all have the same goals.


Be responsible

Don't seek instructions. Work within our values to move towards the longer term goals. Take ownership of things and live up to that responsibility. Do what you say you'll do.


Constantly look to improve

Embrace the philosophy of Kaizen. Never be satisfied. Always try to make things better. Hunt the big wins that involve a small amount of energy.


Do less

Saying no to the unnecessary. Stay focused. Do more with less. Avoid waste. Embrace constraints as a way of fostering creativity. Destroy the unnecessary.


Our Team

We are a small, technology-focused company working in the heart of London.
  • Max Williams - CEO

    Max's background is in managing the development company New Bamboo, which he has done alongside Damien for the past 5 years. He has a wealth of experience in idenitfying new technologies and getting products delivered.

    His role in Pusher is in overseeing the product development and being the voice of the company.

  • Sylvain Giuliani - Head of Marketing

    Our in-house token Frenchman. During the day, Sylvain is in charge of our marketing effort on the interweb. Outside of work, he’s a massive Arsenal fan and Fantasy Sport enthusiast. He’s also the proud owner of the cutest Corgi on earth (in his opinion!)

  • Samuel Kleiner - Devops

    Samuel works hard to ensure Pusher’s systems, configuration management and infrastructure is the best possible. He believes in infinitely scalable systems with no single points of failure.

    When he’s not working, Samuel enjoys transhumanism, 3D printing, and gourmet foods.

  • Jonas Pfenniger- Platform Engineer

    Jumping left and right, fixing a UX bug, putting out a fire, helping with support and thinking about security. Jonas is Pusher's code m0nk3y.

    Outside of work he likes killing zombies and getting ready for the apocalypse in general.

  • Alexander Bastien - Enterprise Account Manager

    Alex looks after our Enterprise customers, ensuring they get the full Pusher white glove service and helping them to deploy the Pusher API in their cool new technologies and services.

    He’s also an avid fan of life hacking - personal productivity, automation & self tracking. When he’s not analysing his sleep he loves to snowboard and travel the world.

  • Daniel Waterworth - Distributed Systems Engineer

    Daniel tends to work behind the scenes at Pusher - the software he writes is often not user-facing. He doesn't jump on bandwagons or get excited by fads, but with a passion for simplicity and a keen interest in functional programming, it's no exaggeration to say that Daniel is a member of Pusher's development team.

    When he is not working, Daniel enjoys playing his guitar, listening to jazz and learning about everything the world has to offer.

  • Lauren Plews - Lead Designer

    As the first in-house designer Lauren will be focusing on the user experience and creating a unique visual identity for all pusher products.

    In her spare time Lauren enjoys travelling, skiing, gigs, cocktails and is currently learning to surf (badly). She has a secret love of Question Time and David Dimbleby.

  • Robin Hawkes - Head of Developer Relations

    Robin heads up our developer-facing activities, making sure that the developer community is represented and looked after.

    Outside of work, he keeps himself busy tinkering with new technologies, taking photos, and playing computer games.

  • Loïc Dumas - Head of Customer Satisfaction

    Loïc makes sure that every customer is happy and being the voice of Pusher for our customers. His role also involves improving internal processes between the teams.

    Outside of work, Loïc is a dedicated long distance runner and keen cyclist, who loves everything Japanese.

  • Mike Pye - Platform Engineer

    Having joined the company most recently, Mike is a server side generalist still settling on where to make the most impact improving the Pusher platform.

    Outside (and to, and from) the office Mike is a keen cyclist, amateur drummer, professional music geek.

  • Olga Dukova - Agency Relations

    At Pusher Olga works with digital agencies to ensure their awesome campaigns run as smoothly as possible. She also manages our events with an iron grasp.

    Outside of the office, Olga’s an amateur illustrator and a fan of typography. Also, a fearless snowboarder, but scared of ants.

  • Paweł Ledwoń - Programmer

    There are really two things Paweł is interested in - programming and racing. Before joining Pusher, Paweł had studied computer science and designed systems used by millions of Poles. Even though his natural habitat is deep on the server side, he doesn't mind maintaining our JS client.

    Paweł is also one of the World's 100 fastest Gran Turismo players, doing lots of other sim-racing. He's starting his real racing career soon, so watch for a car with Pusher stickers.

  • Hamilton Chapman - Growth Engineer

    At Pusher, Hamilton works on internal projects and tools to help the rest of the team but also help shape the future of Pusher through R&D.

    He's a football enthusiast, Dota 2 fan, and loves playing with new technology.

  • Dominic Hung- Copywriter

    Dominic is the resident blogger at Pusher, writing everything from case studies for our customers to workflow best practice tips.

    Outside of work, he's a big coffee addict, loves writing sci-fi/fantasy stories and playing computer games.

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